What is a Web hosting & how to choose one?

Website hosting is a database or server where all the content of your website is stored.When selecting a web host, it’s vital to meet the host’s capabilities with your business requirements and Expected visitor load/traffic.

We are here to help you settle on an educated choice about the right & best Web Hosting service for your specific necessities.We have some guidance for you, beginning from our huge examination of the top web hosting deals available to best web hosting  for a Startup business and best affordable hosting  for E-commerce applications.

    6 important points to know before buying a web hosting :

    From our research, we trust, these are the six key interesting points when choosing yours :

    1. Remember your Limits : How agreeable would you say you are with making your own site? Do you need outside assistance to comprehend the various repercussions (counting legitimate and business ones) that distributing one involves?
    2. Be careful about limitless offers : Many providers come up offering a very low price initially and an unlimited data storage with speed for some penny. However this can result in quite an awful experience at a later stage.The terms & conditions which you may have agreed upon can consist of some strange clauses related to shut down of site / temporary closures after a certain period of usage.
    3. Decide how much support is required : Do you think is it very important to get availability 24/7? Are you fine with email, phone, and/or chat support?
    4. Consider web builders : You probably do not always need a web hosting service.This is where website builders come in. Website builders handle end-to-end tasks of setting up and online presence for you. However, you can’t completely move your data to your own hosting later due to its nature.
    5. Gauge the amount of web traffic you expect : Unless you’re planning on something big with a lot of resources in hand, do not go with high end packages that attract you with various deals.Always start with a mid-tier plan which is not too low to ruin your plan or too expensive to burn your pockets at early stage.
    6. Know about types of servers : Shared hosting servers are generally the cheapest one’s which can run multiple websites for a limited load of traffic/ data. This gives us access to ftp/sftp but prevents shell access. Whereas the dedicated servers are the independent machine rented to you with all the advanced features.
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